Video Instruction Price: $35
(with added notes from Pablo Amira from free)

Q&A Act: Answering the personal questions of your audience by using psychic ability. Considered the strongest act in mentalism, Q&A is the most personal and emotional routine your can do for an audience. 

Unfortunately, for years it has been almost exclusively performed on-stage. Anthem Flint aims to change that. 

Anthem Flint is a rising star in mentalism known for his touching, honest, and emotional performance style. 
He considers Q&A the Mentalists super-power. He doesn't want this powerful routine to be stuck on the stage anymore. He wants Mentalists to use their power to heal and help everyone they meet, anywhere they may be.  

Close-up Q&A allows you to perform this heartfelt routine anytime and anywhere. It takes up less pocket space than a phone, and yet can give up to 15 minutes of psychic entertainment in any setting for up to 15 people.
Only so often does a routine come that is this flexible.

Close-up Q&A requires 
No stooges 
No pre-show 
No extensive Cold-Reading skill 
No special gimmicks 
No actual Psychic ability  

All you need is a stack of business cards, pencils, a rubber band, and the knowledge contained within the DVD  This is the perfect Q&A for the Mentalist who wants to inspire his audience and leave an impression that will last for a long time.

This is the perfect Q&A for the Mentalist who is just starting out and wants real-world, working material.

 This is the perfect Q&A for the shaman and psychic entertainer who wants to give a spiritual gift to their audience.  

This is the perfect Q&A for the expert Psychic entertainer who wants to bring their favorite routine with them anywhere they go!  

With in-depth teaching that spans over an hour, you'll be able to perform this routine no matter what your skill level is!  If you want to touch the hearts of your audience deeply and read their hearts instead of their minds, this routine will elevate your mentalism to something more than a trick, more than mentalism.
 It will become what Anthem has coined Senti-Mentalism.  
Elevate the lives of others while you elevate the art of mentalism. Order Close-Up Q&A today!  

 "If I had to use only one word to describe Anthem's Close Up Q&A, I would say  'Masterful' !  Although the principle is not new, the handling is. This is well thought out and very effective.  It takes a little practice, but it is well worth it. The entire routine fits in your shirt pocket. If you are going to do walk around, you might want to bring some extra business sized cards with you as shown on the video. It comes on a DVD or a downloaded video. It is a little over an hour long because it is very thorough.
I highly recommend this!" 
Tony Razzano 

I met Anthem some time ago and we exchange some ideas. 
This young performer (he is 19!) has an amazing perspective of Mentalism for his age and he has very interesting point of views that are essential to anyone wanted to push his work to new levels of mystery.  In my opinion, this routine is a great example of ordinary props helping you to achieve extraordinary moments. Pens and business cards, that's it!  
Methodologically speaking you will find a mixture of classic techniques that are well structured, and most important, focus to details that separates the "mental tricks" to the "psychic mysteries" 
 Live (and quality) performances, clear sound and video and most important, excellent insights from one of the most brilliants young Mentalists in my opinion.  Get this, you will not regret it. 
Pablo Amira 
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